Question by : I think someone is sabotaging all of my cooking?
So I have been trying to better my cooking skills because I realize that I really don’t know how to make that many different things, but my Dad’s girlfriend is sabotaging everything I try to make!

She saw me taking an interest so she gave me a few “recipes” to help me out. Well, what ended up happening the first time is she shut the oven off halfway through my cooking. My Dad said it wouldn’t have mattered because nobody would have enjoyed hot cottage cheese over chicken breast?

Other things seem like too much of a coincidence, like the lids on ALL of the spices are loose? I ruined my baby-back ribs because the entire tub of black pepper emptied onto them when I tried to season. Then I just made microwave pasta since my ribs were in the garbage and I was hungry, and then ruined THAT when the salt shaker emptied into my Chef Boyardee!

Another time, after my casserole was finished, I discovered someone had replaced the broccoli with cauliflower, the bread crumbs with attic insulation, and the chicken with what appeared to be shells from the beach?

Now even the most simple items get put down with extreme prejudice. When I tried to suprise them with breakfast in bed, I found all the eggs, sausage and french toast in the birds cage? And Gatsby doesn’t even like eggs.

I don’t understand why she’s doing this, do you think she’s jealous? Someone please help

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Answer by fancypantsy
Give me a break, she’s BEYOND jealousy! She’s a BIG CREEP!
Was wondering, are you serious about the eggs etc. in the birdcage? and beach shells mixed w/the chicken? All this is unheard of. Truly she’s so jealous, she’s outraged, and it’s gotten way outta hand too. Get a secret video camera/place in the kitchen. Hide your spices [new ones] under the bed. Don’t leave the kitchen when your cooking. Are you making this up lol?

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