The history of gobi Manchurian gravy can be traced to the land of China however the if we were to trace the origin of the dish in the Indian Sub continent , then we will understand that the dish originated from the bay of Kolkata that even today has approximately has twenty thousand Chinese living there . And so as much Kolkata has the Chinese touch to the dish very rare will it be , to find so great resemblance to the Chinese food in India . Even today West Bengal is the only state in India that has the largest number of Chinese population and they are the ones who migrated from hakka province . The gobi Manchurian gravy recipe is one of the most popular dishes of all gravy recipe in the indian sub continent menu list .


The Indian dishes has lists of exclusive and unique technique that has evolved over time , some are said to have originated in the Indian sub continent while many others came from other places .The influence to the food and cuisines are more of the countries around us . The middle east influence is felt in the Non vegetarian dishes while the Chinese cuisine is an entirely different part .



It has many dishes in its category that has seen great change and evolution to the original dish that might be in the Chinese main land .

Manchurian is indeed one of the specialty of the Chinese cuisine but the later developed and created the Gobi Manchurian is the enhanced dish that is given a total make over and a tasty spicy and herby Indian touch . Even the gravy Gobi Manchurian has found great place in the hearts of Indian food loves who have developed liking and taste for Chinese foods however with the Indian touch . The Indian touch to the

Chinese cuisine dishes is greatly appreciated and looked up . The dense and thick gravy is not the only reason for its vast range of popularity but it is also because of the particular herbs that is common in Indian dishes make the dish so amazing to taste .


The Gobi Manchurian dish in its self is thought to be great for health , as the original of it is seen to be more of being boiled . However the Indian version is different because of the spicy and bold out look with the Indian touch the dish changes its nature and is now loved globally for its great taste and delicious texture . So even if a gobi manchurian gravy recipe has its origin in a particular taste it will get the Indian touch because of the spice it gets a total transformation . Even today there are many more dishes that might be of foreign origin and unheard however after the Indian touch it is now a global famous dish .


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