Low carb high protein diet 'heart risk'
Neither of these over-the-top headlines truly represents the research on which they were based. … Although the study did not focus specifically on the Atkins diet, low-carbohydrate and high-protein intake (characteristic of the Atkins diet) was studied.
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Kate Bosman piled on the pounds while on Atkins diet
She believes switching to the low-carbohydrate Atkins diet – in which foods such as bread, potatoes and pasta are cut out – actually made her body crave more stodgy food and store more fat. …. The article proves that low carb or Atkins = good. Carbs …
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Identifying the good carbs
There was a time when fats were the enemy and a low-fat diet was touted as the best way to stay healthy. Then along came Dr Atkins, who broke every rule in the book to announce that you could eat all the butter and bacon you want, but it was the bread …
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