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Recipe for Pastitsio – Greek Casserole Recipe

Pastitsio is one of the most popular greek casserole recipe. Although most versions of this Greek classic are made to cut into neat squares, our version has a creamy pasta layer on top of a traditional ground lamb concoction. Here are step by step directions: Pastitsio – Greek Casserole [...]

Does anyone know how to cook Greek dessert “Galakta Buriko”?

Question by natalia1403: Does anyone know how to cook Greek dessert “Galakta Buriko”? hi, everyone! i have this big question i wasn’t able to find the answer until now. when i was on holiday once i ate at a restaurant this dessert called “Galakta Buriko”, which the waiter told us was Greek (we were [...]

Latest Gluten Free Greek Recipes News

Home baker finds success with gluten–free cakes, cookies, breads So she started experimenting in her own kitchen, tweaking recipes she found in cookbooks, until she mastered cakes, cookies and breads to the point where they tasted like they were made with traditional wheat flour. This year, she [...]

Travelling To The Greek Islands

Greece is a lovely and intriguing holiday destination that offers visitors a myriad of diverse experiences and activities, with the Greek Islands being one of the most popular destinations for travellers. Boasting some of the most beautiful scenery and landscapes in the world, Greece has captured [...]

Greek Tea 'Tuvunu' To be Sold in the USA

The commercialization of this simple traditional Greek recipe undertaken by the company “Macedonian Brewery” came about thanks to a clause in the commercial license of the Greek state that allows “the production of soft drinks and juices in the same …See all stories on this topic » Greek [...]

Greek Baklava Rolls Recipe (Baklavadakia)

Baklava is one of the most popular Greek desserts known around the world, but there are also many different ways of preparing this wonderful and decedent sweet. In this video recipe, Eva shows us how to prepare baklava rolls. The ingredients are the same as the traditional baklava recipe, but [...]

Most popular Greek Recipes Spanakopita auctions

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