Question by : Any Quick and Easy Vegeterian Recipes?
My daughter just became a vegetarian so she was wondering if anyone knew a good site that has lots of good Lacto Ovo Vegetarians (She eats no meats, but eats eggs and dairy products) All i have found for her was Vegan recipes which she has made very clear she doesn’t want “weirdo vegan recipes”. Please give good vegetarian recipes. ***Websites Only Please***

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Answer by sum12stupid4u
Not typical of normal American diets, but some great stuff on here:

This is GREAT:

Lots of good stuff here too: ,

Jain recipes (veg Indian): ,

Jewish Kosher veg:

All of these are good. I’m not sure how “exotic” she’ll take her food, but a lot of Indians are vegetarian (not native americans), and there are a great variety of Kosher vegetarian recipes if you’re into that.

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