Question by : How would you change the vegan cupcake recipe?
How would you change the vegan golden vanilla cupcake recipe from “vegan cupcakes take over the world” to be soy free. The only soy in it is the soy milk but I am allergic to soy so I was wondering what’s the est alternative so as to get the best result. I know there’s a certain chemistry involved in baking and I didn’t want to prevent the proper reactions.

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Answer by Sea Kittress ۩ʂάϮąא’s۩ ₴ⱠЏ₮
Duncan Hines Moist deluxe Classic Yellow cake mix is completely vegan and soy free.
You can skip the eggs and oil by making it with the “diet soda method” (you’ll also save substantial fat and calories).

Here’s a recipe for the diet soda method:

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