Question by Squirtle: V&V Friends: Do you think we should ask YA for a “Mediterranean Diet” section?
Mediterranean diet, meat reducer, piscavore or pescatarian… whichever word you like to give omnivores who only eat fish, do you think we should try to get them a section?

I am sure to get lots of rude answers for this, but the pescavore/tarians probably have it tough. When they ask in the general food section about dishes where the only meat/ animal used is fish, they probably get lots of “eat steak” answers.

Then they try to come to the vegetarian section to ask about eating sea animals, which then annoys (and sometimes offends) vegetarians because vegetarians don’t eat animals.

Maybe if they got their own section, they could exchange lots of fish recipes and be happy to be around others like themselves.

YA does add sections on occasion, so maybe if enough people asked, they could get their own little panel in YA.
What are your thoughts?

Best answer:

Answer by vegansforever
short answer: NO

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